A goldfish dream meaning more often represents moral fatigue from a monotonous life. You really need a surge of emotions and a change in the situation. Depending on the dream, it is an invariable symbol of success and wealth.

To see a goldfish in a dream predicts a large, luxurious holiday at someone else’s expense.

A dream in which a goldfish floats in clear water presages the successful achievement of all the set goals. It will also bring the success of all the modern enterprises that have already started.

If you caught a goldfish in a dream, probably soon you will have to travel a lot, for the purpose of work and leisure. Furthermore, it may foreshadow the beginning of a long adventurous life story. When such a dream comes to an unmarried girl, it means a happy family life with a wealthy man.

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Dreaming of the goldfish has been dried or even somehow cooked, promises a lot of life challenges. To overcome them you need a strong character and many physical resources. It is necessary to concentrate and find inner strength and wait for the right time.

If you have a dream about dead goldfish, it represents loneliness and a sense of uselessness in life. In this life situation, it is necessary to occupy yourself with something exciting and negative emotions will pass away. For a woman, such a dream means grief and a sad loss of faith in a spouse or a young person.

Saving the goldfish from trouble predicts that without any individual efforts you will get an unexpected wealth.

If the goldfish suffocates in a dream, then you are waiting for potholes on the road of destiny. But, having coped with them, you will receive the long-awaited happiness in all spheres of life.

To dream about a goldfish, locked in an aquarium and the kitten tries to catch it, portends little happiness. If you chase away the kitten and let the goldfish swim calmly, then you should expect a substantial improvement in your financial situation.

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