There is a theory that sleep is a journey to a parallel world, and there can go and see, and guests from the world beyond the grave. Many great men of Macedon to Lermontov, told in a dream to them are the ghosts of celebrities and gave valuable advice. “I have always had access to other worlds. We all have it – thanks to the dreams“- these are the words of the artist, E. Carrington

communicate in a dreamThere is a theory that sleep is a journey to a parallel world, and there can go and see, and guests from the world beyond the grave. Many great men of Macedon to Lermontov, told in a dream to them are the ghosts of celebrities and gave valuable advice.

I have always had access to other worlds. We all have it – thanks to the dreams“- these are the words of the artist, E. Carrington. Indeed, many compare her dreams of traveling to a parallel world, and there are even people who are convinced that in this parallel world of dreams can go and see the guests from the world beyond the grave to warn the people close to them or even help them solve any problems.
At least three sons Dante got to believe the extraordinary thing that happened with their famous and at the moment is his late father.

Skip to heaven, or the 13th verse of Dante’s ghost

Italian poet Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) for almost fifteen years on the main work of his life – “The Divine Comedy,” but did not have time to see it published. Comedy, made up of three parts (“Hell,” “Purgatory” and “Paradise”), began to prepare for publication only after the death of Dante. What was puzzled his family and friends, who found that in the last part of the manuscript of the poem – “Paradise “- there is no thirteenth verse. The poem is not over!
Dante’s sons, Jacob and Pierre felt it my duty to finish his father’s work, but all their attempts to personally write the thirteenth verse were unsuccessful until he allegedly did not saw a strange dream. It appeared to him a father. Taking her son by the hand, led Dante son’s room, where he lived before his death, and pointing directly to the wall and said, “What you are looking for is here.”
Waking up, excited Jacobo with an old friend of his father, Pierre Giardini, right in the middle of the night rushed to the house in which he died Dante. They are not difficult to find a room, seen in a dream, and on one wall there was a vast tapestry. Following the instructions of the ghost, allegedly pulled the carpet under it revealed a hidden niche, and in it – dust-covered paper. As you might guess, among the hidden manuscript was found and missing, the thirteenth verse, “Paradise.” So, thanks to Prophetic dream, was over genius “Divine Comedy.”
Indeed, save the labor of his life noble task for the ghosts. Much more difficult to believe that the spirit is a dream with a far more mundane purpose, as was the case with the famous English artist and poet William Blake.

The revelation of William Blake

The life and work of William Blake (1757-1827) may serve as a good illustration of the saying that genuinely talented people around talented. He was actively engaged in the life and mostly succeeded: his poems, songs, prints, paintings today are an integral part of world culture. Blake himself, and made no secret of the source of his inspiration are the secrets of the world and the mysteries of the human soul, which, even in everyday life can face each.
Thus, according to Blake, he once tried to find the cheapest way of engraving for his paintings, and at night in his dream came to his late brother Robert. My brother explained that he wanted to help him, and told him about a new, previously unknown, method of engraving on copper.
Waking up, Blake followed the advice of the night. The tests were successful, the process was straightforward and convenient, and struck Blake was not able to decide for themselves the question of who (or what) he still encountered in the dream-tip: the ghost or the board’s subconscious?
Another amazing thing happened to the commander of Alexander the Great, who in a dream he advised the wise Homer.

Great night Advisor

Of Alexander the Great (356-323 BC), the most excellent military leader who conquered the entire civilized world, were still alive to tell the legend. Plutarch in “Life of Alexander” explains how capturing Egypt, the Great decided to found a great Greek city. According to the memoirs of contemporaries, he had already determined the exact place for him, when he had a dream that changed his plans. That dream came to him an old man with white hair, in which Macedonian learned Homer and chanted read the following verses:
At sea, a noisy-wide island is lying
Opposite of Egypt. Its inhabitants are called Pharos.
Waking up in the morning, Alexander immediately went to Pharos (which was still an island) and was delighted: this place is the best fit for the foundation of a new city.
“Homer, you’re not only a great poet but also the wisest of the architects” – he cried with gratitude. The worthy disciple of Aristotle, the Great was able to listen to the wise counsel – including and to the tips received in a dream, because it was founded a new city on the Pharos.
But Mikhail Lermontov until the end of his life and did not recognize, who came to him in a dream and helped to solve complex problems. It was discovered only after his death, thanks to records left by them in the diary, as well as his portrait sketches night guest.

Task for Lermontov

The interests of the Russian writer and poet Mikhail Lermontov (1814-1841) in his life, of course, not limited to only one, as we all know the school curriculum. People astray and versatile, Lermontov had a logical turn of mind and often devoted his free time pursuits exact sciences – mainly mathematics.
It is said that once a task that he decided was a hard nut. Lermontov failed to bring computing to an end, and he went to bed, tired and angry. But in the dream, it was expecting a real surprise in the form of a stranger politely told him the solution to a severe problem. The next morning, not only Lermontov wrote prompted by the decision, finding that it is true, but at the same time – intrigued occurring – sketched a portrait of the scientist night counselor.
Only many years later, this story will be continued when the portrait, and the record of the “mathematical” dream of the hands of professionals. Researchers work of Lermontov immediately drew attention to the fact that the picture is surprisingly similar to the real scientist, who lived two centuries earlier writer. This task was more difficult mathematics. After all, it is no answer, and each for himself free to decide what it was: a fantasy writer or Lermontov in a dream and the truth taught himself mathematics, John Napier, the inventor of logarithms?
Of course, all of these prophetic dreams speak in the first place that modern science is still too little is known about the mysteries of the human brain. In the end, whether visited Lermontov and Macedon real ghosts or their subconscious mind has given them at the right time valuable advice – in any case, it all happened during their sleep, and the mechanism of dreams so far, to say the least, not fully understood. Perhaps the scholars of the mysteries of the brain, you need to sit at night less for books and more sleep, relying on the help of John Napier, of Homer or Dante?