Hands Dream Meaning

hands dream meaning, dream about hands, hands dream interpretation, seeing in a dream hands

A dream in which the main theme are hands can have a different meaning. Sometimes such a dream symbolizes great opportunities. In another case, he can talk about the need to seek help. It all depends on the details of …

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Hell Dream Meaning

hell dream meaning, dream about hell, hell dream interpretation, seeing in a dream hell

Historically dream featuring hell have been unfavorable meaning. In more modern times their meaning is often more decisive. For example suggesting an escape from a hopeless situation. If you dream that you are in hell, it can mean that you …

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Hospital Dream Meaning

dreaming about hospital

Hospital dream meaning may have both direct and indirect meanings. Mostly, it refers to your health state, or maybe your partner. Also, such a dream may indicate your attitude to people and theirs to you. If you are in the …

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Helicopter Dream Meaning

helicopter dream meaning

In general dreaming about a helicopter is a positive portent as it signifies that your wealth will increase as will your influence. There are other interpretations also, however. Merely seeing a helicopter that is flying above you on a beautiful, …

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Hero Dream Meaning

hero dream meaning, dream about hero, hero dream interpretation, seeing in a dream hero

A dream in which a hero is the main character has several varied meaning. The interpretation of this dream applies to both personal and professional life. The most popular explanations are described below. If you are the woman and you …

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Health Dream Meaning

Dream, where you have health problems, predicts to experience a decline in mental strength. Too much nervous tension can lead to a breakdown and knock you out of the rut. A girl who sees herself as sick in a dream …

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Heron Dream Meaning

heron dream meaning, dream about heron, heron dream interpretation, seeing in a dream heron

As a rule, a dream of a heron has a positive meaning. However, one should not expect that everything will pass easily and smoothly. To achieve the desired results, you will have to show cunning and make great efforts. The …

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Husband Dream Meaning

An unmarried girl should leave the business and move all plans if in a dream she saw herself next to her husband. Trouble will be pursued at the heels, and nothing of the projects will not be fulfilled. If a …

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Horse Dream Meaning

horse dream meaning, dream about horse, horse dream interpretation, seeing in a dream horse

The meaning of a dream about a horse advises to be prepared for any circumstances. Most often it is a warning about unpleasant changes and incidents in life. However, by making the right efforts, you can overcome them. There are …

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Honey Dream Meaning

honey dream meaning, dream about honey, honey dream interpretation, seeing in a dream honey

A dream, in which you see honey, have meaning well-being and wealth. Purified and filtered honey speaks of quiet life and constancy, but sometimes-unrealized dreams will remind themselves. It all depends on the details of dream. If you drink honey …

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