Hair Dream Meaning

The dream in which you see your hair loose, speaks of a lack of love and sexual partners in life. Covered hair personifies the desire to protect the private life from eyes of associates.

Red hair promises lie in life. Do not particularly trust people and talk about their plans. Enemies will undoubtedly use this against you.

If you dream of hair painted in grey, in reality, this predicts a weakening of health. It is worthwhile to take care of your health to avoid serious consequences. Also, this dream speaks of nascent gossip that can undermine your nervous system and reputation.

If you see yourself or your close up people with silver or golden hair color, then this will bring wealth and prosperity to the family.

A dream where your hair has a chestnut or chocolate shade reflects generosity, the ability to understand and help. These qualities will bring you many friends and acquaintances, but do not let them become freeloaders.

If you dream of multicolored hair, it represents your irrepressible desire to declare yourself publicly. And shortly you will have such an opportunity.

If you dream of hair on your legs or other parts of your body, you should expect a long journey, perhaps it will be a business trip. For a woman, this dream portends a leadership position in the family. She will have to take full responsibility for herself and fulfill masculine responsibilities.

If you cut off your own hair in a dream, this predicts a loss and discontent. If you cut off other people’s hair, then, in reality, you will become a lucky person, and all dreams will turn into reality.

For a young man to dream how he cuts off the hair of his girlfriend, in reality, means her hypocrisy. He should not trust her words; most likely, she will try to harm him.

Combing hair in a dream promises frivolity and windiness. Actions under the influence of these feelings will be erroneous, and you will bitterly regret them.

A beautiful hairstyle and lush hair will bring joyful news and a long-awaited life partner. The family hearth will spark an abundance of love and understanding.

If the hair is tangled in the dream or flowers are inserted in them, you can expect some trouble situations. However, you can quickly overcome them.

A dream where your hair falls out or looks rarer than in life, speaks of your excessive waste. You are giving away your possessions to please others. Think about yourself and your family.

A bald man from a dream warns of adversities and hardships in life. You will lose your life stability and will face challenging situations. It is better to save as much money as possible, so you are getting ready for such life situations.

If in a dream your hair is stained with something greasy and disgusting, then in life there will be a lot of quarrels and insults. Do not get involved in a fight, even verbal.

Hair that has become curly in a dream foreshadows the changes in your life. Do not resist them. What these changes will bring, depends only on you.

Braiding hair in braids promises honors and recognition not only at work but also with the family.

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