Hammer Dream Meaning

If you see a hammer in your dream, in reality, there is no difficulty for you that you could not overcome.

Hearing the sound of a hammer in your dream means successful trading and increase in profits.

To laboring man, this dream promises a lot of work, proper payment, perfect health and the ability to enjoy all with his loving family.

To girl this dream promises meeting a good guy who is hard-working, decent and unpretentious, he will try to make her life happy. It is also possible that he will reach a top position later.

Dream of holding a hammer means that you overcareful for your family, ease your grip and let them act independently.

To dream of a new hammer means good family chores and care.

To work with a hammer means your efforts will be successful.

Struck your finger or hand by the hammer – you will be expecting severe troubles in reality.

To a hammer, a nail means you get the final decision or great success in love and good luck in business.

If you see an auction in your dream, and your attention stops at auctioneer’s hammer – it tells you that soon you will have the pleasurable cares fallen on you.

Rusty hammer in a dream says that you hesitate and doubt too long to take decisive action.

Seeing a hammer with a broken handle means that you should expect any strife and grief in your family.

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