Head Dream Meaning

The meaning of dream, where you saw your own or someone else’s head, most often refers to decision-making. Dream gives you a hint for the right choice. Try to remember all the details of dream to avoid trouble in real life.

Head is a symbol of thought, clear thinking and reason. Often, if the head in the dream appears healthy, it signifies that your thinking will be unaffected and clear.

If, however, something is wrong with the head in the dream, it is worth deferring issues. It means that you might not be able to come to rational decisions in the upcoming time.

If in your dream you see your head being much bigger than average, this is a hint to achieve goals. This is signifies that you will achieve success by using your excellent intellectual faculties. It can be said that you will indeed outthink your competition in your chosen professional field.

If in the dream you see your head being much smaller than usual, need to take a break. It can signify that you should avoid making decisions in haste. As this will not bring your success, especially in longer terms.

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Seeing your head with a visible injury (a cut or a bump) means that you should be more careful. Try of your emotions getting in the way of your decision-making process. You might also want to keep your personal life separate from the professional one and the happenings in your career.

If you see your head in a dream bleeding, do not rush to make decisions. Maybe, that you will be advised by people who will be inexperienced or capable of giving honest advice to you. Your work might also take unjust critique.

Dreaming of your head being bald or shaven is not favorable. As it signifies that soon you might have to face a loss of your authority. It could be especially true if your mood were negative during the dream. Or you were ashamed of your bald head.

If in the dream you see yourself having the head of your younger self, such having a childlike head, listen to yourself. It signifies that experience will prove very useful to you in solving a contemporary issue.

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