Hippo Dream Meaning

The meaning of dream, where you see a hippo belongs to your plans and ideas. Such a dream will tell you how to do better in different situations and how to cope with difficulties. However, there may be other interpretations.

If you dream you see a hippo, then, it is a symbol of resentment and discontent. Probably, in reality, your enthusiasm about global ideas has been the subject of many jokes by others. For a young woman a dream in which she caresses a hippo, meaning that she is committed to reliability.

A dream in which you have at home the whole collection of toy hippos, this is a warning. If you by not taking appropriate action in time, you may miss out a real chance to improve your financial situation.

The dream in which you unsuccessfully try to escape from the hippopotamus portends obstacles in the affairs. They will appear because of the stupid tricks of others who dislike you. Do not get involved in scandals and strife, stop all communication with these people. Nothing clever will come to your head, you can calmly finish what you started.

When managed to hide from the hippopotamus, and he did not catch up with you, all the enterprises are waiting for success. Overcoming with ease the trouble, you can get the desired result of their labors. It will bring great moral satisfaction and an unprecedented burst of vitality.

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The hippopotamus, standing in clear and transparent water, predicts the great success of an urgent matter. The larger the animal, the more significant the event will be decided in your favor.

Dirty water under the feet of the hippopotamus tells of the small difficulties and troubles. That can make you mad. After reaching the boiling point, remember that this is only a temporary violation of plans. Best just release the situation.

A hippo babe playing in the water, predicts a feeling of apathy and a breakdown. The desire for a result will completely abandon you. Fatigue and a sense of detachment will prevail. You will swim along the course of life without attempting to influence the outcome. Do not stand too long with this position. After a little rest, pull yourself together and bring everything to its logical conclusion.

If a small hippo walks through a magnificent forest, a fantastic acquaintance with an extraordinary person awaits us. An unusual acquaintance will help you decide on further life plans. And also help you find the best way to achieve your planned goals. This “kick” is necessary for you to move forward successfully.

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When in a dream you managed to escape from a hippopotamus, be ready to meet with a solid competitor. You will have to try to win in this battle. Trying to avoid the costs of internal resources for the chance of winning.

Bitten by an animal, categorically reports a loss in a duel with the enemy. Do not waste time on the vain search for a winning combination. But try to minimize losses.

Hippopotamus with the face of the second half represents the “thick-skinned” of a loved one. Its rudeness and coldness have a negative impact on your self-esteem. A prolonged continuation of such a relationship will not bring you anything useful. Think about whether you want to live life with a person who is focused solely on his person. And is not able to give warmth, love, and care to anyone whatsoever.

A dream, where your partner appeared in the image of a baby hippopotamus, symbolizes the immaturity of his character. He can not communicate with you on the same spiritual level. Such a relationship will bring only disappointment and loss of precious time.

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