Hole Dream Meaning

Hole dream meaning can be varied. Occasionally, it has a definite sense by suggesting a route of escape from a situation. While sometimes it signifies that there might be a spiritual void (a hole) that needs to be closed for the dreamer to achieve happiness once again.

Hole in a fence or a wall or fact any other homogenous structure is seen in the dream can signify that you might be missing something significant. While you do have a general understanding of the situation, you might be unable to see things from a different perspective.  This dream can also signify that there is some despair in you due to which changing your environment or place of residence might be beneficial.

Dreaming that your clothes have a hole in them can indicate that your reputation might be at stake due to gossip and rumor. This is especially true if your general mood during the dream was harmful, such as you being anxious or ashamed.

If you pass through a hole to emerge on the other side of something it indicates that you will successfully get out of some lousy deal which will be aimed at scamming you.

If in the dream you see a hole in the walls of your room it signifies that new, unexpected opportunity might arise that will enable you to achieve progress in your professional life and career.

If you dream that there is the hole in the ceiling of your room, it means that you will quite unexpectedly be required to do something that you would consider to be out of your professional training. You might be expected to do things that you are not skilled at also doing.

Seeing a hole in the road in front of you signifies that someone is trying to set you a trap in the personal life. Be wary of bad company.

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