Honey Dream Meaning

A dream, in which you see honey, have meaning well-being and wealth. Purified and filtered honey speaks of quiet life and constancy, but sometimes-unrealized dreams will remind themselves. It all depends on the details of dream.

If you drink honey in a dream, then, in reality, you can have a dizzying success in art and literature. The giftedness of your nature is inexhaustible and capable of conquering many hearts.

To eat honey in a dream, in reality, promises happiness in love. For a family man, this foreshadows a warm and sweet family hearth. If in a dream you ate honey directly from honeycombs, then in life you stand at the threshold of something new and unusual. It will change you and bring a lot of experience and knowledge.

Full plates of honey or a barrel with it portend a bright strip of life. You will be lucky and lucky in everything. If the barrel of honey was broken, and it spilled to the ground, then prepare to suffer an intense disappointment or even shock.
The same meaning has a dream, in which the honey is spoiled and bitter.

If in a dream your lips become sticky and sweet from the honey, then in real life speeches of hypocrites and gossip are waiting for you. Do not listen to them, this person will try to blame you for what you have not done.

Dream, where you gave someone honey, says about the imminent arrival of guests. For sure, it will be people you have not seen for a long time and will be pleased to meet.

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If you dream about a fly stuck on honey, this dream predicts of “scavengers” nearby. Most likely, someone will want to take the laurels of your labors to yourself. Do not tell in vain about hopes and aspirations.

Eating honey from your own farm is a sign of an entrepreneurial vein that hides in you. You can surely benefit from everything around you. It is worth thinking about starting your own enterprise.

A dream in which a bear climbs into a hive behind honey is promising rudeness, ignorance, and lack of culture in the people around. Do not answer them the same, even if it interferes with your plans.

Buying honey speaks about moderate preferences in sex. You need to take a close look at the life partner. Stability is excellent, but sometimes you can throw off the chains of hypocrisy.

Honey, which stretches in a dream, predicts difficult times. Things will go much more slowly than you would like and the results will be more modest than expected. The same thing waits for you if in the dream your hands were stained with honey. It is necessary to have patience and remember that good times are just around the corner.

To get honey as a gift means to acquire property in life. You will find what you wanted for so long.

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