Hood Dream Meaning

A dream in which the hood is pronounced can have a diverse meaning. This may indicate hidden dangers or great luck. The value is affected by the dream details and your behavior in the dream.

For a young woman dream in which she wears a hood, means that she will try to seduce a man. If you dream of clothing with a hood, then you are lucky, and you will find a patron or a faithful assistant. You can rely on him in a difficult times. For the woman, this dream promises a caring husband.

A dream in which you see a man whose face is hidden by the hood, talks about danger. Probably, it warns you of the planned conspiracy against you.

If you dreamed that you put on the hood, the predicted trouble for you would not be sad.

For a young woman, a dream where her head is covered with a hood tells of successful attempts to entice a man much older. What you have conceived to achieve this goal will undoubtedly succeed.

A man’s dream, where he puts the hood on his head, will bring only frustration in the affairs. All plans will collapse under the pressure of circumstances, and the result will be completely different than you expected.

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If you dream that you receive a gift from a person in a hood, symbolizes the acquisition of the patronage of an influential person. Do not give up the proposed friendship; it will help you solve all life’s difficulties and move forward in your plans. If in a dream you refused a gift from a person in a hood, then, in reality, you will probably be offended by a critical person, do not pay attention to his words. It is entirely his problems and not yours.

When in your dream you try to pull the hood over your eyes, in reality, you will not want to display your merits and achievements for everyone. You will have specific reasons for this, but to keep everything secret, you will have to make extra efforts.

The hood, carelessly thrown over your head in a dream, warns of too frivolous behavior. Your unceremonious and daring attitude to others will not allow you to enlist the support of the right people.

The dream, in which you observe a stranger in a hood, speaks of the dangers that beset you. The enemies want to trap you. Be careful in your actions and act wisely. Perhaps these people are already one step ahead. Take the situation under control, and do not let yourself be fooled around.

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A familiar man in a black cloak and hood, which gives pleasant signs in a dream, in reality, promises only troubles. Beware of the existence of this person, if you do not want to get significant difficulties together with his communication.

If under the hood of a woman’s fur coat in a dream you see a terrible creature, convince your lover to give up any trips. On this day, it is better for her not to leave the house at all and not to be alone: the probability of an accident or an accident with an unfavorable outcome is too high.

If a man dream about a woman in the hood and under the hood he notices the grin of the death, this man should exercise caution. This is a warning for him from taking rush steps, think and act wisely.

A lot of people in hoods personify the gathering colors. At work, the enemies planned an entire action against you. Do not give in to provocation.
If you dream of the silhouette in the hood, it is a sign about your timidity and indecisiveness. Stop looking for a way to remain invisible and go forward to your dreams.

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