Hypnosis Dream Meaning

A dream in which you will see hypnosis in progress on someone signifies that some person in your environment will manage to defraud and deceive many people around. No one will take him/her for being a con person, and the whole affair will be quite surprising and scandalous.

If you see a genuinely hypnotized person, who the hypnotist can manipulate him/her into doing anything signifies that there is a lot of deception in your professional environment. Be careful who do you trust what do you sign. This interpretation is especially true if you were entirely unnerved during the dream.

If you dream that you are hypnotized, it can indicate that you value someone’s opinions quite dearly. You might have a lot of trust in them, but your confidence is not misplaced as they recognize this and appreciate it.

A dream in which you would successfully hypnotize one of your friends means that the said friend is very loyal to you. It can be said that they will support you in pretty much everything that you do. If you are however unsuccessful in hypnotizing your friend it indicates that they are not trusting you to the degree you tend to think they are.

If in your dream you hypnotize people that you don’t know it can mean that a lot of people will soon be waiting for your opinion for something. You might suddenly find yourself being in the limelight in a sense. Occasionally, this dream can signify that you will soon learn a secret that will help you in achieving professional success.

Dream about Hypnosis
A cat with amazing hypnotic orange eyes

A dream in which you successfully hypnotize a crowd of people signifies that you are wholly trusted in your social environment. You might have a reputation for always being fair and balanced in your opinions. If however, you are not successful in hypnotizing the crowd it means that you will experience some loss of reputation soon.

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