A dream in which the main theme are hands can have a different meaning. Sometimes such a dream symbolizes great opportunities. In another case, he can talk about the need to seek help. It all depends on the details of your dream.

If you in your dream see a set of beautiful and healthy hands, it means that your professional position will get solidified in the upcoming time. Someone might also consider you to be indispensable in some capacity in your professional life which will further solidify your professional position.

A dream in which you will see a set of ugly and diseased hands is a sign of future trouble in your professional life. You might be wrongfully accused of being responsible for something. Power plays at your workplace are also possible.

Injured hands that are seen in a dream indicate that you might lose some item of notable monetary value in the upcoming months. This is especially true if your mood was quite unpleasant during the dream.

If you have seen your own hands being injured in your dream, it means that you will get what you want eventually, but things will not be easy as you will have to work hard. It can be said that you will be successful, but you will reach success with your work.

A dream in which you will see very hairy hands signifies that you will soon have to face intense competition in your professional life. Your plans will still be fulfilled but not after a significant struggle with your game.

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If you dream that your hands are covered in blood, it signifies that you soon might be temporarily isolated from the people you love. This will likely be due to unexpected travel.

If you dream that your own hands are much more significant in the dream than usual, it signifies that you might be overestimating your abilities in real life. You might need to scale down your efforts and try to concentrate on a smaller number of things.

If you dream of the hand of a child, then a loved one desperately needs help. The same is a dream, where someone folds his hands for prayer. He or she is miserable and does not know who to ask for help. Offer your own, and it will come back a hundredfold.

A dream in which you grasp something with your hands or try to wrest from another person personifies anxieties and fears. Probably, you want to receive something in real life, but you are too afraid that this thing or possibility will slip through your fingers.

 A beautiful and well-groomed hand promises firm ground under your feet when it comes to your abilities. You can achieve everything by relying on yourself alone.

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To see a man’s hand in a dream predicts a good companion of life. You can always rely on him, find support and care. Also, this dream can mean the patronage of superiors or other high-ranking individuals.

 A dream where your beloved man holds your hand foreshadows the fulfillment of desires. For this, it will be necessary to act together, relying on each other.

To dream that you walk with someone holding hands, personifies the boundless confidence in this person. You can always count on him, but do not forget that the help should be mutual.

A dream in which your hands are stained with someone else’s blood, predicts painful conflicts and gossip. This can significantly undermine your credibility, and you will lose appreciation of others.

 If you saw a hand that does not have a body, this reflects the psychological fatigue on the verge of the disease. The moral pressure in life does not allow you to develop and grow. You need to be freed from it until it is too late.

 If your hands are swollen in a dream, it predicts a significant replenishment of financial resources and profitable acquaintances. The thicker were the hands in the dream, the more you should expect from life.

hands dream meaning, dream about hands, hands dream interpretation, seeing in a dream hands

Shorthands or fingers in a dream remind that not all goals are achievable. Try to assess your strengths really and not waste your energy on unrealizable dreams. Long hands mean your disregard for life. Laziness and inhibition prevent you from taking advantage of the chance of success.

Dreaming of clean hands promises long life and personal happiness. What it consisted of, ultimately is up to you.

Stained hands warn against malicious gossip, and betrayal of a loved one.

 If you do not have hands in a dream, you will find yourself in an awkward situation, and you will not immediately see what to do. Try not to react to this violently and just merely life through the position.

 A dream in which your hands do not obey you, tells you about mental anxiety. Heart and mind cannot share the primacy. Surely, you stand at the crossroads between what you wish for and what is right to do.

Caring for the hands and nails in the dream promises to resolve the contentious issues in your favor. It is only necessary to show your captivating charm and beauty.

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