Dream, where you have health problems, predicts to experience a decline in mental strength. Too much nervous tension can lead to a breakdown and knock you out of the rut.
A girl who sees herself as sick in a dream should pay attention to personal relationships. Your dissatisfaction with the opposite sex and irritability adversely affect the rest of life. Do not focus on the ideal person; these one do not exist. Try to drop your dreams of a beautiful prince, and get to know a real man.

If a young man dreams in which his health fails, you should trust your friends less. Someone from the inner circle is playing a double game. Pay attention to the feeling of discomfort next to the person to find out who exactly is a traitor.
To experience positive emotions in a dream from a good state of health and tell happy people about it happy events and great happiness. Success and success are waiting for all directions of destiny. Take this chance – it does not often drop out.

If you happen to recover after a long and severe illness in a dream, the period of failure will end. You are ready for positive emotions and success in matters that have been waiting for their time. Feel free to take care of them and do not lose heart: everything will turn out.

You can count on the help of your friend if in your dream you gave him advice on treatment. He will pay you back in the same degree in reality, as you do to him in the dream.
Turning into a doctor and pulling a patient out of the world means that you give too many tips. Try to provide help when you get asked only. An unconscionable desire for altruism usually brings a lot of trouble.

Taking care of parents’ health in a dream advises listening to the opinion of older and more experienced friends. Now it is not the time for pride and stubbornness. You should not think bad of other people when you take advantage of other people’s recommendations.
A dream, where you help in caring for the health of colleagues, pay attention to problems with communication at work. Try to establish a healthy environment in the working atmosphere. It will help to create a positive relationship with fellow workers.

To treat an outsider in a dream is a sign of a new profitable acquaintance. Do not hesitate to ask him for help. Influential communications and great social influence of the new acquaintance will help in solving complex problems.
If in a dream you pay for other people’s services with your health, in reality, there will be a confrontation. Can you hold back the onslaught and achieve unprecedented heights?

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