Historically dream featuring hell have been unfavorable meaning. In more modern times their meaning is often more decisive. For example suggesting an escape from a hopeless situation.

If you dream that you are in hell, it can mean that you will succumb to strong temptations in real life. Someone will indeed test your self-discipline. This dream can alternatively say that you are quite worried. It refers about the moral values and of your actions in your professional life. You might be obliged to do something but yet, your heart might feel that you are doing things that are nefarious.

A dream in which you will do bad things, and you will be thrown in hell, as a result, talks about your choice. This is indicates that you are quite aware of the consequences that your actions the people that are around you. Alternatively, this dream can suggest that you are very much in tune with your emotional situation. In others words, you are likely quite integrated, and it’s likely that your social life is quite fulfilling.

If you dream that you are in hell and yet you somehow manage to escape, this is a good sign. It indicates that in real life you will pull through the terrible situation. Some people will call you lucky. But it’s likely that you will pick through due to your firm resolution and self-discipline. You might indeed resist the strong temptations that will be thrown at you from several sides.

To see the gates of hell in a dream signifies that you acknowledge the danger of your way of doing things. You are acutely aware of the risks, but you try to minimize them.

To see the lake of fire in a dream, it means that you should avoid contact with ‘shady’ people in the future times. As there is a danger of you getting into trouble besides them.

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