As a rule, a dream of a heron has a positive meaning. However, one should not expect that everything will pass easily and smoothly. To achieve the desired results, you will have to show cunning and make great efforts. The most popular dreams options are described below.

It is necessary to win back their happiness if they saw in the dream a heron that stands on one leg. The most important thing: to wait for the right moment and not to fuss, then the victory will be unequivocally for you.

A large heron, floating in the sky, will bring troubles to the family on the wings. Disorder and quarrels will lie in wait for every little thing. Try not to pay attention to annoying incidents and not to express your displeasure. Also, this dream can mean an acquaintance with a very influential person. Such a meeting will help resolve all problems in one fell swoop.

A bird walking along the shore in search of food in a dream, warns of envious gossip in the team. You will need a lot of time to regain peace in the soul after offensive and undeserved words. The best option: to ignore all the unpleasant rumors.

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If the heron in the dream is looking for a place in the swamp, you have to do the same at work. Achievement of the increase will not be so simple, and an honest struggle for it will not have to wait. Be smarter and faster if you want to climb up the career ladder.

Be ready for a problematic rivalry in life, if you dream of a heron swallowing frogs. For your happiness will have to lead a serious and relentless struggle. In no case do not give up.

A dream, where a heron flies to the horizon, predicts success in any journey. Whether it’s a business trip, a love adventure or a vacation – you will always be lucky. Tune in only to positive emotions.

When the heron had a dream, against the background of sunset, in the rays of the setting sun, pay attention to your relationship. Probably, the liked person for a long time has found to your replacement. Around the networks are woven from deception and hypocrisy, do not fall.

The bird, swinging on one leg from side to side, symbolizes your doubts and hesitations. It’s time to take responsibility for your own life and not to rely on someone else’s help. Make decisions that you think are right.

heron dream meaning, dream about heron, heron dream interpretation, seeing in a dream heron

If you dreamed that the heron stands too long in anticipation of prey, without stirring,  advise fighting with their slowness. Act, force yourself to move towards the goal. Do not give competitors an advantage in time. Life will pass by while you are waiting for the right moment.

The dream in which you are trying to grab the heron presages to win a large sum of money. The closer you are to your prey in a dream, the more you can get in real life.

The heron, flying over the roof of your house, will bring fire to the family hearth. Your life will be cozy, and love will be mutual. In any situation, the spouse will support you and help you find the best way out.

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