Taurus, Apr 21 - May 21

Horoscope - TaurusAbout the happenings in your life during this year in general

There is a strong sense of liberation that permeates through during this year.  The past dealings will come to a closing end and the resolution that will be achieved will be quite long lasting. A lot of open issues from the past will be solved and put behind during the autumn in this year.

Additionally, the position of Mercury indicates that the circle of friends will increase significantly during this year. Meeting a lot of new faces is to be expected. This is especially true for the summer of this year.

In general this year will be the one in which new horizons will been seen. This often goes hand in hand with rather significant changes in life and some major readjustment in the professional life is likely towards mid autumn.

About your professional life

In this year the career prospects will be unusually bright. This is shown by the position of Saturn which sheds strong positive influence on the professional life. As Saturn is also associated with destiny its influence can be felt as destiny being in your favor. Additionally, the influence of Saturn is strong throughout the whole year so there are no special months in which most of it will be concentrated.

There is also an aspect of success in the professional life being reached by the use of natural ability and talent. Most likely, while working during this year, it would feel very comfortable and at home in sense. There are strong prospects of business partnership being formed during mid December of this year. This partnership will be quite long lasting and lucrative from a financial stand point. Although strictly professional at first, overtime this partnership will transform into a good personal friendship with the business partner also.

Mixing of the personal and professional life is not very suitable during this year. On the contrary, it would be beneficial if a good distance is made between these two areas especially during the late summer.

About your personal life

A lot of aspects tell that this year will be filled with a lot of romanticism. Right from the start of year (mid January) a serious romantic relationship is possible. This relationship will be quite unexpected and certainly love at first sight is a strong possibility. This relationship will also be connected with your career or workplace so it is possible that the other side in the relationship will be a work colleague also.

Jupiter with its strong presence from August until well into 2016 will make things easy in the personal life. Loyalty will be the word of the year also. A lot of energy will be spent from your side towards making the other side happy. You will not regret this though as a reciprocal attention will be given to you also.

The strong influence of Mars on your romance zone during October means that the sexual life will intensify. This period will last until mid to late November after which things will return to a more normal state when the sexual life is concerned.

About your health

There strong presence of Jupiter and Mars during this year is a sign of high energy levels as well as an upbeat, cheerful attitude.  These predispositions set the stage for this year being one of the least stressful ones that you will have in your life. The sense of being loved and agreed with will also be quite important into bringing the positive mood to an even a higher level.

The month of April will bring the least amount of energy. However, this period will be quite short lasting and you can certainly get through it with an increased amount of rest. Right from the start of May your energy levels will be back to their normal or even high levels.







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