An unmarried girl should leave the business and move all plans if in a dream she saw herself next to her husband. Trouble will be pursued at the heels, and nothing of the projects will not be fulfilled.

If a widow sees her husband alive is the need for sobering. Do not so revel in grief and forget about the present. You need to put off the yearning in a box and breathe in fresh air.
If you see your husband in a dream, then this is not a good omen. Perhaps you have health problems or an unfavorable financial period will soon come.

When you see in a dream a husband in the arms of another woman, then you can expect a gift or a pleasant surprise. It also embodies the husband’s satisfaction with family life.

The dream, where you quarreled with your husband, predicts his infidelity. Perhaps soon he will decide to leave you for the sake of his mistress. A fight with him in a dream speaks about peace and harmony in the family.

If you dream about your husband for a few nights in a row, it heralds the fulfillment of cherished desires and joy in life.

If in a dream the husband left for another, then in reality relations require diligent work and mutual respect. You can solve existing problems.

The dream in which you are flirting with someone else’s husband reflects sexual hunger and dissatisfaction. If this goes on and on, all your eroticism and piquant fantasies will burst out for everyone to see.

To see your husband dead in a dream personifies fears and anxious emotions. Perhaps you are obsessed with negative thoughts and your thoughts attracting troubles. It is worth looking at the world from a different angle.

If the husband leaves you in a dream and becomes taller as you move away, then people around him often put their nose in the family hearth. Try to talk as little as possible about your personal life and not allow comments and advice from others. Otherwise, it will lead to a painful parting.

A man who saw in the dream a husband of his lover should expect an early rupture of these bad relations.

A dream where the husband and wife show love and affection for each other, speaks of mutual claims and the imminent end of family life.

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