Image Dream Meaning

The meaning of a dream in which an image is seen can have different meanings as the word image can be interpreted differently in different contexts.

Seeing an image of an unknown person in your dream signifies that you need to be less trusting of ideas that seem to be too good to be true. Although quite attractive sounding and even lucrative at least at the start, it can mean that on longer terms such ideas might not turn to be as bright as thought. This is especially true if you have this dream in a chronic form in which you see the image of the same unknown person repeatedly.

Seeing an image of an old person that you don’t in your dream can signify that time or the lack of it is pressing you to do something faster than you would desire. Be careful of haste especially in your personal life as the decisions need to be well thought especially in the next few months.

If you see an image of a young person or a child that you don’t know in your dream it indicates that your plans are sound and realizable in practice but also that you would need to work hard if you want to succeed by following them. This dream can also be a sign of profitable novelty in your professional life. You might recognize a novel idea that others will fail to see and this will bring you profit.

If in your dream you have seen an image of someone that you know it means that the person that you will see the picture that influences you in a wrong way. This might not even be obvious to you. This dream can also signify that you tend to look up to the wrong type of people. They might be less concerned about your well being that you think and they might share less of their ideals with you.

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