Immortality Dream Meaning

In general a dream about your immortality has a reasonable meaning. There are also however different interpretations. It all depends on the details of your dream.

If you dream that you are immortal, it is a good sign as it promises a great victory over a powerful opponent. This is especially the case if this dream is recurring. Occasionally, dreaming of one owns immortality signifies that a significant, enormously lucky period is in front you. By the grace of destiny, you will have uncertain events turn in your favor. Sometimes being immortal in a dream means that you are waiting for help. That is unlikely to arrive from the expected direction. On the contrary, you might get more help from a somewhat unexpected source.

A dream in which you will learn that someone you know has become immortal this is a good sign. It signifies that you soon have great respect for the said person. They will earn your respect in a very sudden manner. And you will find their deeds to be somewhat unexpected and yet very pleasant for you. This dream can also mean that you will realize the honesty behind someone’s intentions. Despite thinking of them as being dishonest previously.

If you dream that you have developed a substance such an elixir or a pill that has the effect of immortality it symbolizes many events. This means that you should be ready for very dynamic happenings in your life in the next few days. A lot of things will suddenly start happening, and your stress levels will go up. You want to dedicate time to engage in some stress reducing practices such as meditation.

A dream in which you will find out that someone has developed an elixir of immortality this is great news. It signifies that your health and energy levels will be excellent in the next few months. If you have some illness, it indicates that you will very likely get rid of it for good.

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