Depending on the circumstances a dream in which ice is featured can have either a positive or negative meaning. Often ice is a symbol of coldness in the emotional life. But sometimes it can indicate breaking free of some negative emotional state.

In some cases dreaming about ice can signify that you will soon be faced with some mystery. And it will give rise to a lot of emotional questions. This is especially true of this dream is recurring and if it is occurring in the early morning hours.

Walking on ice successfully, that is without falling on the ground signifies that you will successfully get over some emotional turmoil. It will happen in the next few months. The solution in a sense will be found within you, and you get over the confusion without losing your independence.

If you dream that you have fallen on the ground while walking on ice,  it is a symbol of trouble. It signifies that you need to be more careful in your emotional dealings with other people. There is also a danger of you getting into some malicious emotional pact shortly. This is especially true if this dream is recurring.

If you are in a romantic relationship dreaming of ice signifies that things might grow cold in the relationship. This is especially true if the dream is recurring or if you have this dream during the early morning hours.

If you see ice melting in your dream, it means that you don’t need to be worried about the outcome of some uncertain event that you wait so eagerly. It can be said that destiny will be on your side.

If in your dream you smash or break the ice with easiness this is a good sign. It indicates that things will move in a more positive direction in your professional life. You might find that your work will be more appreciated and recognized.

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