Jaguar Dream Meaning

To dream of Jaguar – means you will have prosperity in your business or it can be promising for having exquisite pleasures.

If you see in a dream that the jaguar is approaching you – it means that there are many people in your environment with hostile and negative attitude to you who are just waiting for the moment to hurt you.

If you dream that the jaguar is attacking you – this is the sign that you should expect betrayal from your new acquaintance. For a woman, this dream portends to meet the cruel and stubborn lover.

But if you dream that you successfully met the attack or even killed him, it means that soon will be a dangerous situation in your life but you will quickly find the way out.

To dream of the jaguar in a cage – an indication that in spite of all difficulties and gossips, which you will be facing, you will win over your enemies.

To dream of Jaguar running away from you – means that you are spending a lot of efforts to work which is not feasible.

If you had a Jaguar in a zoo cage – soon you may be constrained in your freedom or property rights.

Hunt on jaguar in a dream means to get compliments from your intimate partner.

Fight with the jaguar alone and being wounded by it – is a sign of betrayal and treachery.

To dream of killed jaguar shows a sign of speedy recovery.

To see the skin of jaguar foretells you a lot of small trouble in cooperation with unprofessional non-trained people.

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