Jar Dream Meaning

Depending on the state of the jar and its appearance in the dream the meaning of this dream can vary widely. Often a pot appearing reasonable in the dream is a sign of positive things to come.

Seeing a jar the full with any edible food signifies that you will have good earnings in the next few months.
If the pot is large and clean on the outside, it bodes hard and honest work. However, you will win.
If the jar is somewhat dirty on the sides, this symbolizes deception and meanness. It is a sign that someone might question the legality and fairness of your earning methods.

If in the dream you are unable to unscrew a jar or merely unable to remove the cover be careful in real life. Possibly, that someone will try to take something of value that is yours in a very smooth and cunning way. Be attentive of scams, bad contracts and people that suddenly appear to be very friendly to you. Your money and other valuables need to be in a very safe place out of the reach of anyone. This negative period can last in the next few months.

Seeing a jar that is filled with a drink signifies that you will soon receive pleasant and shocking news.

Drinking liquid from a jar means that someone will deliver on their promises towards you. This will likely happen very soon after the dream, possibly only in a few days.

Seeing a jar that is empty signifies a strong possibility for the robbery that will be aimed at you. This is especially true if this dream is recurring or if it was unusually vivid and memorable to you.

If you see a broken jar in your dream, it means that you will soon experience some financial loss. This will be due to factors that will beyond your control and it can be said that destiny will be involved.

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