Jeans Dream Meaning

To dream about jeans can signify widely different things. A lot of the meaning depends on the actual circumstances in the dream and the appearance of the jeans themselves.  Nevertheless, it has mostly a definite purpose.

Just seeing someone dressed in a new pair of good looking jeans signifies that you are quite observant. You always notice changes in the social happenings in your environment.

If you dream of the old and torn jeans, then it is a unpleasant sign. Quite possible that you would get some negative vibes from your social environment. Seeing faded or washed out jeans on someone signifies that you will find people in your social situation to be quite square and even dull.

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If you see new or expensive jeans on someone you know means that the person in question will have very successful financial dealings shortly.

Seeing torn or old jeans on someone you know signifies that destiny will bring financial hardship for that person in the upcoming time.

If you dream that you are wearing the standard looking pair of jeans in your dream, it means that you will soon be involved in lucrative but honest and hard work. This is especially the case if this dream is recurring several times.

If you dream that you are wearing very expensive, brand name jeans it means that you should be more careful of your spending habits in real life. You might need to moderate them or face financial trouble in the upcoming time.

Dreaming that you are wearing old or torn jeans means that someone will soon ask for an explanation from you. This explanation will likely be connected with the recent happenings in your personal and social life.

Buying jeans in your dream signifies that your plans for the future are sound and quite realistic. This is true for both the personal and the professional life also.

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