Jelly Dream Meaning

In general, meaning dream about jelly is that you have some weakness or vulnerability towards someone or something. However, there are also other interpretations. They are listed below.

If in your dream you see jelly it is a sign of you being quite relaxed and trusting with your friends. You might be sure in their loyalty towards you. But in the upcoming time, you should look for ‘dirty tricks’ that might be attempted against you. This is especially true for your professional life.

To see a significant amount of quivering jelly in your dream this is a good sign. It signifies that a long-standing issue or a problem in your social life will be solved without your intervention. Destiny will likely have an influence. And you will be quite pleased with how events will turn out at the end.

Eating jelly in your dream often signifies that you will soon have some activity. It will bring an immense, but short-term pleasure. This activity will likely not be social. But instead, you will have during a period of intense introspection. If this dream is recurring, it can indicate that you will soon make a notable advancement in your spiritual development.

To eat a very delicious jelly in your dream means that you are quite sure of your honesty, kindness, and loyalty. This being well appreciated by those you care. This dream can also indicate that you will be able to solve a long-standing misunderstanding with someone. This is especially the case if this dream has occurred several times at approximately the same times of the night.

If you dream that you are cooking jelly yourself successfully, it means that you will soon have a joyful event of. You will create it yourself. To unsuccessfully prepare jelly in your dream signifies that things will not go according to plan. In your social interaction will people at the planned event.

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