Juggle Dream Meaning

In general, a dream in which juggle takes center stage has a different meaning. This can be both positive and negative experiences. The meaning of the dream also depends on the items you were juggling with. Usually, it concerns your personal life and habits.

Seeing a professional juggler in your dream signifies that you will be soon involved in exciting and fun activities. This is especially the case if the mood during the dream was joyful. These activities will likely be connected with leisure hobbies and outdoor activities.

If you dream that you are learning to become a juggler in your dream, it signifies that you will change one of your habits. It will happen under the influence of a person that you take care. If this dream is recurring, it means that you will make a very fundamental change in your life.

If you dream that you are juggling with some usual juggling items (balls etc.), this is a sign of change. It means that your personal life will be made more fulfilling. This will happen by social activities with your friends in the future times. The more skilled you are in the juggling in the dream, the higher the fulfillment of your personal life will be.

If however the juggling is unsuccessful or you appear to be unskilled in the juggling act should rely on their strength. Because your friends will not be as helpful as you have thought.

If you dream that you are juggling in front of a large audience, it means that soon your activities will be put in the limelight. You might feel uncomfortable with the number of eyes that will be placed on you. If this dream is recurring, it can mean that you will become infamous for something in real life.

To juggle with living things in your dream indicates that some business deal will turn to be unsuccessful due to excessive and unrealistic expectations that you will have from it. The other side might merely back off from the sale.

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