Juice Dream Meaning

In general, having a dream in which juice is prominently featured signifies that pleasant times are ahead for you. This is especially true if the juice featured in the dream was sweet and not sour. But there are also other meaning of dream about juice.

Drinking juice that has sweet flavor in the dream means that your plans for professional advancement will be realized. You can expect a slightly notable promotion in the next few months. It can be said that you will get the success that you deserve.

If the juice you were drinking in the dream was sour, it means that your plans will be still successful, but the path to their realization will be longer and more winding. You might also experience interference from other people.

Drinking juice that has a bitter taste signifies that you will be very disappointed by the choices of a person that you take care. You might be there to see their downfall, and this will cause you emotional pain.

If you drink juice that is very thick, it means that the next period will be filled with work which will bring increased earnings but be careful of feeling a bit tired and bored as the work you will have to will be very tedious.

If someone offers you a juice in your dream, it means that you will be soon tempted to accept a business proposition that will be very lucrative but not entirely legal. Be careful as trouble with courts and law are possible.

Making juice from fruits signifies that you will be the creator of your success in the professional life in the next few months. You will work hard but also get the deserved monetary gains. It can be said that you will be quite proud of this as a result. You might also become an inspiration for others due to your focus and dedication.

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