Kidnapping Dream Meaning

In general, dream in which kidnapping is prominently featured can have different interpretations. Historically it was considered a bad omen, though modern dream analysis can sometimes ascribe more definite meaning to it. Kidnapping dream meaning is most often associated with events in the professional field.

If in your dream you see a person that you don’t know being kidnapped it signifies that you will conclude that your environment might restrict your appetite for comfortable living. Sometimes this dream can mean that you feel a need for societal change in real life.

A dream in which a person that you know is kidnapped signifies that there will be trouble between you and the said person in real life. A severe conflict might arise even if the person is a good friend of yours.

If someone that you know is kidnapped and you receive a request for a ransom, it signifies that you need to be careful in your professional life. You are being watched in a way by a powerful enemy, and someone is waiting for you to make a mistake.

Kidnapping dream meaning, dream about kidnapping

If you dream that you are involved in a kidnapping, it means that in real life you will be offered to take part in the dubious deal. The deal might seem promising. However, the possibility of failure will be high.

If you try to prevent the kidnapping of someone, it means that you will be ready to help when they ask you for that. If this dream is reoccurring, it says that you will save someone from a great tragedy in real life.

Dreaming that you are kidnapped can signify that people are trying to work around you authority at your workplace. Be careful of sneaky moves in your professional life in general.

If in the dream you escape your kidnappers it can be seen as the sign of unexpected but positive turn of events in your professional life.

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