Kitten Dream Meaning

Dreams that feature kittens have wildly variable meaning. Their appearance in the dream, as well as your interaction with them, can change the meaning dramatically.

In general, merely seeing kittens in your dream can point towards some minor troubles in your life. These troubles will bring minor frustrations though they will not be of a serious nature. The more kittens you see in your dream, the more trivial problems you can expect.

Feeding and taking care of kittens in your dream can signify that you need to be more careful of hypocritical, two-faced people that might be trying to get close to you to pursue their egotistical interests. If you are the owner of the kittens in the dream, it can mean that someone that is quite close to you might betray you.

Occasionally dreaming of kittens can signify that there is a lot of insincerity around you especially from a romantic perspective. Be careful of the actions of your lover and their truthfulness and real purpose.

Seeing dead kittens in your dream signifies that you need to be less trusting in other people’s estimates and rely more on your judgment. Sometimes this dream can mean positive events that will be tied to your work and professional life such successful projects and ventures.

The meaning of a dream in which kittens are seen also depends on their color.

Kitten dream meaning

Seeing black kittens signifies trouble of minor nature that will be related to your frustrations. Seeing stripped kittens signifies stress in your family life, most likely with your close relatives. Seeing gray kittens signifies possible trouble with the finances, and generally, this dream means that starting new business and professional projects in the future time is ill-advised.

Dream about white kittens is a positive omen as it signifies happiness and success in both the personal and professional life.

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