Knife Dream Meaning

The knife of the dream meaning aggression, cruelty, and also sexual aggression. But there are other options. For interpretation, the situation around a knife in a dream is of great importance.

A dream where you see a knife means the presence of enemies in dangerous proximity, betrayal of friends or a lot of unpleasant events.

A rusty knife from dream portends a rupture of relationships or mutual claims among the family. Do not try to harm each other. It is better to look for a compromise in solving issues, both domestic and financial.

If the knife has dreamed sharp and shining, then it is necessary to expect disturbing events and troubles. What is happening will negatively affect the nervous system. Do not worry in vain; you need to find the strength to solve specific problems.

A broken knife speaks of vain hopes. Your dreams will remain dreams shortly. It is necessary to postpone your plans until better times.

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A dream in which a person with a knife attack you predicts strong and abrupt changes in your personal life. If you throw yourself with a knife on someone, then your actions will have an unseemly shade. It is necessary to cultivate a sense of justice in ourselves, so as not to offend people by their behavior.

If you got a stab with your knife, you could expect betrayal of friends, hypocrisy, and ill-wishers at work.

Picking up a knife in a dream or giving it away means that you will independently give your enemies a weapon against you. Beware of the danger to a good name and life. To get a knife from someone means to avoid risk in real life.

Many knives, piled up, will bring grievances and quarrels. For the sake of one’s calmness, one must lay down arms and conclude a truce in real life.

Riding a knife in a dream is a sign of personification of walking along the edge of the blade in family affairs. You pay little attention to caring for the house and loved ones. This will bring problems and grievances from relatives.

The search for a knife or ax in a dream says that you can not find a solution to some tangled problem. It symbolizes the hopelessness of your endeavors.

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The knife that lies on the table in the dream reflects your fear of new acquaintances. Perhaps in the past, you have been hurt by some person. But you can not stay on this for a long time. Try to let go of your fear and give a chance at friendship and love to yourself and others.

A beautiful knife heralds an unexpected gift. Do not be too happy: the award will be with a double bottom. It is necessary to expect a trap from this presentation. If possible, it is better to refuse it altogether.

You saw a blunt knife in a dream – that means you never got rid of children’s complexes. Focusing on your fears and problems only aggravates the situation. Relax and enjoy life.

See, as in a dream, how someone sharpens a knife, predicts enemy gossip and intrigues at your address. If you sharpen a knife, then you want to hurt someone. Think about it, but is it worth it? After all, everything will come back to you.

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