Lake Dream Meaning

Clear lake water from ancient times was considered the embodiment of mystery and rest. A dream in which the lake occupies an important place has many meanings. It is a symbol of life and transmits hidden emotions.

If you dreamed of a lake, where the shore is visible, this indicates the ability to make informed decisions. Relying on your feelings and calculations is worth.

The dream, in which the lake fell into a storm, will tell you that your mind prevails over emotions. In stressful situations, you will remain the person who makes decisions.

If in a dream you saw a lake in a fog, in life it is necessary to remain calm and relaxed. Even in the most challenging situations. Loss of control over yourself can bring a lot of trouble.

Dream, where you fell in the lake, predicts unexpected life events.

If the lake in a dream is gloomy, dark and is in the forest or among rocks, it is a symbol of confusion. Probably in reality, you do not understand your feelings. Therefore, you can not make decisions, even the simplest ones. Take time, define priorities, goals – this will greatly facilitate your soul and fill your life with colors.

For a woman in a dream, where, she bathes in the lake alone, heralds rapid changes. If a woman, in a boat filled with lake water, does not sink and swim to her destination, then she will receive respect and respect.

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A dream in which you watch lovers in a boat in the middle of a lake during a storm is a bad sign. It promises unpleasant actions from friends. Find the strength to forgive them, even if it is tough.

If you drank water from a lake in a dream, it speaks about the need to develop and improve your inner world. It also foreshadows good news and success in business.

To swim on a blue lake in a boat with a good company it brings a pleasant change. This speaks about the embodiment of your desires into life.

Muddy water and a dried lakeshore will bring you disappointment and extreme fatigue. Postpone the work, take time for yourself and your hobby to relieve grief and soar in spirit.

If the water is muddy, and the shore remains green and flowering, you will be able to overcome troubles and implement your plans.

When the water remains transparent, and the shore, on the contrary, is dried and dirty, one should expect deterioration of its affairs. And the culprit of this disgrace will become you due to carelessness and neglect of duties.

lake dream meaning, dream about lake, lake dream interpretation, seeing in a dream lakeTo admire your reflection on the wet surface of the lake portends of a heated meeting with old friends. Or a new acquaintance that will bring love and prosperity.

To see in a dream the bottom of the lake through crystal clear water is a good sign. This personifies the purity of your soul and thoughts.

Dream, where you stand on the shore of a dried lake, reflects the discord of love relationships. Pay attention to the other half, before it’s too late.

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