Lava Dream Meaning

Through time lava has been described as a symbol of great vividness. Dreams in which it was featured were considered to be predictors of tremendous and monumental events. Lava dream meaning helps to make decisions and prepare for the coming changes.

Seeing a lake of lava in your dream signifies that the upcoming period will bring increased stability on a personal level. The more peaceful the lake, the higher the security will become in your own life. If the lava lake is boiling or spewing flames, it can be considered that things in your personal life will be intensified and some romantic and sexual adventures are possible.

If you dream that lava is vigorously erupting from a volcano, it means that in short time there will be a lot of changes in your life. Many aspects of your career might change and meet new people in your personal life is also likely. If this dream has the recurring nature, it can be considered that you will experience monumental changes in your life on all levels.

Seeing lava that calmly flows from a volcano is more indicative of minor changes in your life that will occur over a more extended period.

If in your dream you happen to witness an explosive eruption of lava it means that something will very rapidly change in your personal life. A real-life explosion of events and emotions is likely. It will leave you somewhat emotionally drained.

Seeing lava inside an otherwise dormant volcano can signify that you will feel somewhat ‘out of date’ in your personal life soon. It might happen as result of people around you acquiring tastes that are different from your own.

Seeing cold and solidified lava in your dream means that your hopes will be in vain in regards to a situation in your personal life.  If this dream is recurring, it could be a sign that a failed relationship is ahead of you.

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