Lemon Dream Meaning

The meaning of dream that feature lemon is variable depending on the circumstances of the dream and your general mood. This dream is most often associated with your relationships with others. Do not be too gullible.

Merely seeing a lemon in your dream, it means that you will soon regret one of your actions in the past. This is, even more, the case if the dream seemed to be very vivid and peculiar. Similarly, if you have this dream in the early morning hours of the night, then this interpretation is more relevant.

Seeing a lemon that is unripe signifies that you will be under high pressure to make some decision soon. This might lead to incorrect conclusions. And the chances are that you will need to rethink the whole situation once again.

Slicing a lemon in a dream signifies that soon you will have to share something of significant value with other people. This will not leave you indifferent, and some minor conflict is possible over the sharing.

Tasting a lemon in the dream and feeling its sour taste signifies that you will soon be unfortunate. By reason of over some happenings in your personal life. If your mood was negative during the dream that this means that you will quickly shed tears over some occurrence in your own life.

Drinking lemon juice in your dream indicates that someone will try to benefit at your expense in your professional life. If this dream is of recurring nature, it predicts an undeserved grievance. This is means that you will experience very unjust developments in your professional life.

Planting lemons in a dream signify that you need to be more thoughtful when making decisions that might affect long into the future. You might need to make wiser choices that will have a beneficial effect on your development for a long time.

Picking lemons out of lemon trees signify that you will soon experience a great increase in luck in your professional life. More chances will be open for you.

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