Leopard Dream Meaning

Leopard seen in a dream can have several meanings two most of them are positive. Leopard dream meaning most often brings new acquaintances with influential people. But do not take too much risk: fortune is changeable.

Seeing a leopard in your dream signifies that you would soon befriend a person that will be influential, powerful and well connected. You might see them as useful as they will have the capability to help you if help is needed. However, you should not trust them too much as their opinions will likely change often.

Seeing a leopard attacking prey signifies that one of your friends will soon fall ill. Some help might also be required from you, and you will help them with pleasure. If this dream has a repeating nature, it means the illness of your friend will be more dangerous.

If you see a leopard in your dream resting from a distance, it means that it’s time for you to change your tactics towards achieving professional advancement. You might need to become more self-assertive and less concerned about the welfare of others. This dream can also signify that promotion is in sight but only if you work hard as every bit of effort from your side will count.

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If you dream that a leopard chases you, it means that your well being will be threatened by aggressive people. The longer the chase goes on in the dream, the more powerful the threatening people will be.

Being attacked by a leopard signifies that you will suffer some loss as result of nefarious dealings of other people that are close to you. Sometimes this dream means that you will be robbed by a person that you would consider to be your friend.

Hunting a leopard in your dream signifies that you will stand firm in the face of danger in your professional life. You might take great risks, but this will be fully understood by you as you would consider it to be the necessary evil.

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