Lightning Dream Meaning

The lightning seen in a dream meaning strong feelings and events. You must learn to let go of the situation and not get hung up. However, there are other interpretations this a dream.

lightning dream meaning if you see lightning that shines in the distance, then this is an omen of joyful events and pleasures.

The dream, in which lightning struck the ground under your feet, portends difficulties with the law and, possibly, arrest. Also, this dream can mean moving to another country for a long time.

Lightning that has got into you or your home promises a severe illness or even death.

The dream in which you see the lightning personifies the desire to learn the truth and illuminate the hidden from you.

If you dream of lightning in a dream, then, in reality, you are cynical about the place or people nearby. Hidden anger and desire to get rid of the extreme elements of life, thus, find their expression in a dream.

A dream where lightning struck and set fire to a tree, speaks of a sad fate for your dream. It is not destined to come true.

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Lightning, which illuminates you and the way before you in a dream, in reality, predicts success and recognition in full circles.

Ball lightning from a dream predicts a thorny path to the goal. It will be necessary to exert much effort, perseverance and endurance to obtain the desired result.

To see sparkling lightning above your head means that you are waiting for a period of joy and prosperity. But do not relax too – it will soon end.

If in a dream lightning lit up an object in the neighborhood, then in life you will be subjected to a test of envy. The success of your friends will not give rest. Try sincerely rejoice for them.

The lightning that glitters among the dark clouds is an ominous omen. In life, a black stripe is coming. You need to pay more attention to your affairs and relationships with your family to avoid misfortunes and misfortunes. This dream especially affects children.

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A dream, in which thunder accompanies lightning, will bring important news into your life. Do not ignore them, even if it seems that they do not concern you. Also, this dream portends material prosperity and successful financial transactions.

If the lightning in the dream flew into the house, then awake and regrets are waiting for you. Do not get too hung up on them to not get a nervous breakdown. Remember: everything in this life is temporary.

The lightning that hit the lightning rod on the house is a warning. It is worthwhile to delve deeply into each issue before making any decisions, even the smallest ones. Otherwise, mistakes cannot be avoided.

Violet glare from lightning says that you will cause the misfortunes of people around you. Pay attention to your behavior and actions, so as not to harm people.

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