Limousine Dream Meaning

As in real life in dreams also seeing a limousine is a symbol of wealth. The meaning, however, vary depending on the color of the limousine as well as your interaction with characters in the dream. Try to remember all the details for a correct interpretation of dream.

Seeing an elegant limousine signifies that soon you will meet a person that you will befriend quickly. They will become a long time friend of yours, and they will be helpful to you on some occasions.

Seeing a white limousine signifies that you should be ready for a celebration that will occur with your friends soon.

Black limousine seen in a dream can have different meanings. Sometimes it portends to rise in power and influence especially in the professional life but sometimes points to health trouble being on the way. Blue limousine signifies that work will soon get significant recognition which will bring an increase in your earnings also. Having this dream several times can even be the predictor of fame and fortune.

Buying a limousine in your dream often signifies longevity of your professional success. Often this dream can also mean that your work will remain relevant with time too.

Selling a limousine signifies that the level of activity in your career will dwindle down for a few years. This might be voluntary, or most likely it will be the result of destiny, that is the result of happenings that will be beyond your control.

Seeing a limousine driver signifies that a weighty burden will be placed on your shoulders soon. You will be well rewarded for that. However, there will be a lot of responsibility involved.

Being a limousine driver signifies that you soon have a notable change in your professional life. If this dream is recurring, it can point to a complete change of career that will happen in a short time. Your new job will likely be in more elegant surroundings than your current one.

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