Lion Dream Meaning

Lion seen in the dream is often meaning of courage, strength, and pride. Usually the meaning can change significantly depending on the happenings in the dream. Also matters your interaction with the animal.

If you merely see a lion in your dream, it means that you will stand by your principles. Of you doing things your way despite being under a lot of pressure. This applies to your personal life. Sometimes simply seeing a lion in your dream can mean that you will work yourself to a notable promotion in your own life.

Seeing a lion that is eating something signifies that your troubles at your workplace will lessen in a short time. Mainly due to you being able to work things out and steer yourself away from conflict.

Seeing lion cubs signifies that troublesome business partnership is at sight. Alternatively, this dream can mean that you should turn down any offers for business partnerships. That might come in the next few months.

If you see a lion that hunts on his prey, it’s a reflection of your inner nature. It means that you are entirely independent and self-sufficient person in real life. You likely can take on a lot alone.

If in your dream you see a tame lion that is comfortable being around people it indicates that your environment will soon put a lot of pressure on you to change your ways of doing things. This is especially true for the personal life where this dream can mean that you would need to change some of your habits.

Seeing a dead lion in your dream is a positive omen as indicates that you will steer yourself out of serious trouble. This trouble will likely be of law enforcement nature.

If you dream that you have killed a lion, it means that you will need to make monumental decisions while being under a lot of pressure.

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