Lips Dream Meaning

Lips seen in a dream can have a variable meaning. Most often, this applies to your personal life and emotions. But a lot of depends on the circumstances in the dream.

If you happen to notice your lips in a mirror during the dream, it indicates your excessive emotionality. In other words, you take the actions of the people that are around too close to your heart.

If you happen to notice that your lips are somehow damaged or diseased, this is a bad sign. It indicates that you will soon suffer psychologically due to rejection by the opposite sex.

Applying lipstick to your lips points to passionate moments in your sex life that will occur soon. If this is a recurring dream, then it can foretells that you will cheat on your partner.

If in the dream you admit to someone that their lips are seductive it means that you have separated from your relatives. Try to pay more attention to your close ones in real life. This is especially the case if this dream is of recurring nature.

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Seeing lips in your dream that are attractive to you signifies your confidence. Especially when it comes to approaching the opposite sex.

Seeing lips that are very slender can point to a conflict with your family.

If you see lips that are irregular or ugly/unattractive in your dream means that you should choose the people that you surround yourself with more carefully. Sometimes this dream can indicate that you are being affected by ‘bad company’’ in real life.

If in the dream you feel pain on your lips it can mean that one of your loved ones will have issues with their health.

If in the dream you feel that your lips are numb it signifies that you will be affected by emotional stress soon. This dream can sometimes also indicate that you need to ‘take it easy’’ and have some rest and recuperation.

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