In general, a dream that feature a laboratory have a definite meaning. This is especially true if laboratory looks functional and orderly. However, there are other interpretations that depend on the details of your dream.

If you dream of a laboratory being equipped it means that the time is right for a new beginning in real life. You might soon turn a new page in a sense. A reoccurring dream of this nature can signify that you will quickly initiate a significant change in your life.

Attending a laboratory in your dream signifies that your efforts will be successful and your plans will turn into reality. However, you should not relax as a continued effort from you will be required the whole time through.

Experimenting in a laboratory signifies that your attempts at solving some problem of personal nature will be successful. This is especially true if you have this dream in the early morning hours of the night.

If you do an experiment that fails or fire it means that your efforts at securing solutions for your problems will not be beneficial. You might be more successful if you ask for help from your close ones.

Dreaming of children doing experiments in a laboratory signifies that you long for your earlier years. You might be pressed by time or feel that you are getting old in a somewhat disconcerting way.

Performing an experiment that ends with an explosion can be considered to be a warning to moderate your spending. This is especially the case if this dream is happening over and over again. Sometimes this dream can signify failed investments in the future.

Being employed in the laboratory can signify that your professional life will soon get a lot tidier. Your earnings will go up together with your responsibilities.

If the dream of your room being turned into a laboratory, it can mean that you are quite confident of your professional abilities.

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