About the happenings in your life during this year in general

Due to a favorable, long-term alignment of the ruling celestial bodies, this year can be considered to be a continuation of the success in the previous one. The Jupiter influence is powerful and this is especially true for the first part of the year.

Very open in your understanding, you will be ready to make rather bold leaps during this year. This might make some people that are around somewhat uneasy, but this should not deter you from following your plans. In general, if you have any long-standing, unrealized projects, this is the year for putting them into practice.

In the personal life, this year has a strong prospect of bringing the resolution of some long-standing issue. In a sense, you will be quite glad of the achieved decision and the lasting effects that it will have for you in the future.

About your professional life

The position of Saturn which is quite essential for professional growth is indicative of a more proactive approach from your side during this year. Not many opportunities will be missed, and a sense of optimism will prevail. Quite at ease with giving every idea a chance, you might even come across as a bit unorthodox in your approach. Some lasting benefit will come from the professional endeavors that you will undertake during this year. Your actions will be seen as unusual by some, but also visionary by others.

In September, some joining of forces with another player in your professional arena is very likely. This partnership if it might be called such, will last a short time but it will be quite successful nevertheless.

The last three months of the year will be quite lucrative from a financial standpoint. At mid-November, some reinvesting of your earnings is likely which is shown by the position of Mercury.

About your personal life

Due to the Saturn’s position, its influence is pervasive.   This means that it will have a notable impact on private life also. Stability and loyalty in your personal life and relationships will be even more important to you than usual. As a result of this there not many changes, at least the original ones to be expected in your personal life.

The position of Saturn is also indicative of strong support from your loved ones for your professional endeavors. While usually, you don’t mind not having support (part of your romantic nature), the added support will mean a lot to you. Mixing of the personal and professional life, however, is not suitable for this year.

From June to September some long-standing family issue is to be resolved. This resolution will happen somewhat spontaneously, and although significant efforts will be made for it to go smoothly, in the end, the decision will occur in a somewhat independent manner.   The efforts, in the end, might seem a bit unnecessary.

The very end of the year will bring you to close again with a long ‘lost’ friend from the past. They will reappear in your life in a rather sudden, unexpected manner.

About your health

Your health will be quite useful during this year. Your naturally high energy levels will be bolstered by the strong influence of Mars that will become ever stronger during May. The added stability that is promised by the position and the power of Saturn will undoubtedly help you to keep your stress levels as low as possible.

By December, the influence of Mars will diminish, and your energy levels will fall though they will still appear to be just normal to other people. This period will last until February 2017 when Mars will be in a more favorable position again. This will undoubtedly lift your energy levels once again.