About the happenings in your life during this year in general

This year will be one of searching and rediscovery of your talents and affiliations. New principles might arise from the intense soul-searching that is to occur in your personal life. New values and even new beliefs are a possibility. In general, you can expect 2019 being one of the most dynamic years in your life.

Intense personal communication with other people will characterize the first three months. The topics of discussion will be more abstract themes which deal with spirituality and creativity. During April there is a notable lunar eclipse which signifies massive changes that will occur in the personal field for the rest of the year.

Despite the very dynamic and rapidly changing social environment that will surround you, during the summer you will come on top of everything. It will be the result of your somewhat friendly nature and excellent diplomatic ability which certainly will come to your help.

About your professional life

When the professional life is concerned, laziness will certainly not be the word of the year during 2019. On the contrary, you can expect a very dynamic environment in your professional life.

Right from the start of the year, during late January the position of Saturn is indicative of increased activity in your professional life. This activity will not be a random glitch in a sense, but instead, it will be the result of your hard work that has happened during 2019.

The position Mercury brings an element of recognition of your work that will happen during the spring of 2019. You will get more noticed in your professional environment, and this will undoubtedly open more professional possibilities for the future.

Be careful of other people trying to infringe on your professional independence a bit too much. This will inevitably happen due to the very dynamic working environment that you will have during this year.

About your personal life

A lot will be going on in your own life during this year. As said above some soul searching is likely. Some are changing your values and appreciations which are connected with personal growth and spirituality are likely.

The very start of the year will show you the way towards attaining something that you had considered unattainable in the past. This might cause a minor crisis as some long-standing beliefs of yours will need to be changed. Your past expectations will not be proven wrong by another person, but instead, you will independently realize that you were on the wrong path for a long time.

From the middle of April, you will be entering into a very intense relationship (both romantic and sexual) is possible. This relationship will be based on real feelings and passion, and it will bring back the much-needed stability in your personal life after the soul-searching in the first three months of the year.

The summer will put you right in your comfort zone as you will make a lot of contacts with a lot of people. Your already broad base of friends will become even more substantial.

About your health

Your good health and vitality that you had in 2019 will continue during this year also. The first three months although quite mentally fatiguing, will not affect your health to any significant level.  The relationship mentioned above in April will lift your spirits and indeed boost your energy also.

In the autumn your energy levels will decrease, and some issues which will be related to malaise and headache are possible. You should spare your energy during October as a result of this. The last two months of the year will lead to a gradual, but a very positive improvement of the energy levels. This means that you will enter into 2019 with outstanding energy levels.