Magazine Dream Meaning

There are various meaning of a dream that feature a magazine. Often but not always they signify some visible change in your life as well as your social life. It all depends on the details of your dream.

Simply reading a magazine in your dream can mean that you will soon receive some exciting news. The more interesting the magazine in the dream the more compelling story that you will receive will be.

If you have recurring dreams in which you read an exciting magazine, this is a forerunner of news. It can be a sign that you will receive very surprising and shocking message in the upcoming period.

There are and according to other interpretations. Simply reading a magazine can mean that you will have soon have well spent time with your relatives.

Reading pornographic magazine points to some conflict in your personal life. This conflict will happen in your own house.

Reading a magazine that you find to be boring in your dream can signify that someone prevents you. And you don’t having full enjoyment in some aspect of your life. Often this dream also points to restrictions that are placed on the dreamer by the social environment.

Dreaming that you have subscribed to a magazine means that you will be able to give useful advice to another person that is close to you. This dream, if it is recurring, can say that you will be able to do an enormous favor to someone by being able to steer them away from harm.

If you dream that you are selling magazines, it means that you will soon have a serious conversation with the senior figure at your workplace. This dream can also say that you will quickly have to deal with bureaucracy and laws soon.

Seeing yourself in a magazine in your dream can mean that you will soon expand the circle of your friends. Sometimes this dream points to an increase in fame or even notoriety.

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