Magic Dream Meaning

Having a dream in which magic is prominently featured can have various meaning. Usually, it speaks of your inner experiences. It’s depending on whether you see some magical act or you actively use magic yourself.

In general, merely seeing some magical act in your dream reflects your nature. Probably, in real life you have a great curiosity towards unknown and mysterious. This dream can also say that you are deprived of satisfying your curiosity towards the unknown in real life. A little diversity in your life will not hurt.

To see a lot of magical acts in your dream that happen around you this is a good sign. It signifies that you will have pleasant surprises in real life. These surprises will likely be connected with your personal life. And they are about to happen in a tight time. Especially if this dream occurred in the early morning hours of the night.

A dream in which you will use magic to turn your desires, shows your indecision. It means that in reality, you are not so sure in your abilities in real life. You might be less able to be in the spotlight preferring to stand to the sides in a way. Only be more active and don’t be afraid of making mistakes. As everyone makes them and they can provide you with a valuable experience.

If you dream that you are using love magic spells in your dream, it means that you will have some problems in the future. To overcome them you need to ask for help from your family. This dream can also say that you have high support from your family for everything that you will undertake.

Being present at a black magic séance in your dream signifies that you might have some family conflict. This will happen over your life choice soon. This dream can also mean that you are mistaken about something. And this wrongful conviction of yours will cost your profit in your professional life.

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