Marble Dream Meaning

In general, dream that feature marble and workings of marble have positive meaning. Especially about the professional life and the financial sphere. However, there are other interpretations.

If you dream of marble that is used as an architectural element it means you will be quite concerned about your appearance in the eyes of other people in the upcoming period. You might quite hard at work trying to leave a good impression. It will be primarily for your personal life but will also touch on some points of your professional life even.

Seeing large marble pieces stacked one upon the other in a harmonious manner points to successful contracts and their benefits in your professional life. Sometimes this dream can also point to instead of a fortunate series of events in your professional life that will bring a notable increase in profits.

If you dream that you are living in a house or apartment that seems to be decorated with large amounts of marble, it means that your ambitions despite considered to be excessive by some will be justified. This dream also signifies that you will have enough energy and stamina to go through putting your plans into practice.

Dreaming of a giant marble sculpture predicts pleasant happenings in the personal life. This is especially true if the statue is masterfully made and beautiful. Seeing sculpture that is quite ugly or disharmonious to you points to you unpleasant experiences in your personal life and possible conflicts.

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Dreaming about a marble table signifies that you will soon need to have a heart to heart talk with someone. Often this dream can point to the removal of hindrances to real and honest communication.

Seeing marble pieces that are thrown around, points to petty conflicts in your real life. These conflicts will be centered around your personal and family life.

Marble, which you see in a dream, symbolizes your stubbornness and uncompromising. Sometimes you need to look at the world with other people’s eyes: your opinion is not the only correct one. In order not to be known as a persistent person, try to understand what others are telling you about reality.

The dream in which you sell marble heralds a well-deserved reward for work. Your superiors will appreciate your diligence. You can quickly move up the career ladder.
A quarry for the extraction of marble promises a financial rise. Lack of love and luck in other life spheres will force all efforts to increase material well-being. In which you will succeed. The same is predicted by a dream with a column made of marble.

To work in this career means to arrange a domestic scandal. Your actions will cause great displeasure among family members and lead to a major quarrel. Perhaps this will happen because of inattention to the household
If in a dream you look at how polished marble, it will bring sudden wealth. Most likely, you will receive an inheritance that you did not count on.

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Broken marble is a sign of losses and dislocations. Quarrels will be born on an equal footing and for weighty reasons. Try not to argue with colleagues, partners or relatives on political and ethical issues to stay in good relations. When you do not agree with someone’s opinion, keep silent.

A dream where marble is present, for a family man, predicts children’s disdain for your efforts.
For an unmarried male marble predicts quarrels with parents. Show respect and try to understand the meaning of their actions before criticizing.

The grave with a monument of marble personifies your vanity. It is worth going down to earth and looking at things. Do not attribute your thoughts to people, so as not to get into a delicate situation.
When you dream of a house built of marble stones, wait for troubles in your career. Companions or bosses will try to crush you with authority or higher social status. These differences will bring specific difficulties in the work.
Dream of a marble clot predicts of the small difficulties and unpleasant illnesses. Nothing serious will happen, but a lot of insulting little things will bring disappointment and discontent.

A monument or bust made of marble, warns of the loss of a good friend. The reason for the disagreement will not be very weighty, but the relationship will irretrievably deteriorate.
If you dreamed of a marble table, do not blow your family happiness. The quieter you will rejoice over it, the longer it will exist.

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