Moon Dream Meaning

If in a dream you see a full moon, then, in reality, you will meet a person who will have a significant impact on life. Also, this dream can mean disappointments and cares in life. The full moon in the dream predicts a problematic romantic relationship, which will bring only the frustrations and disappointments.

The flight to the moon represents the thirst for new knowledge, the revelation of secrets and the experience of the unknown.

The dream in which you observe the moon in reflection will bring deception and betrayal. In work, you trust a person who seeks to harm you. He uses the first opportunity for this.
To see the moonlight in a dream promises an unexpected journey. Perhaps you will have to go on a business trip or get a lucrative offer for a vacation. It is worth using any chance to change the situation.

If in a dream you worship the moon or her goddess, beware of raging feelings. Unbridled passion can play with you a bad joke.
The lunar eclipse will bring you difficulties with health. It is worth paying particular attention to it to prevent serious illness.

The crescent moon will bring an increase in living blessings and improve health. Your income will increase if you do not miss this opportunity. It is also an auspicious time to achieve growth in the bosses.
To see the dark spots on the moon predicts large rearrangements at work. It is possible to change the leadership and the course of the company itself. Try to catch it in time to be able to adjust to new circumstances.

For a young girl, a dream in which she learns her fate by the moon will bring the desired person in life. Marriage with him will be happy and lasting.

If there were two moons in a dream, then the girl is threatened to lose love because of a sense of prudence and disdainful attitude.  She should be more feminine and tactful to avoid such consequences.

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