Moth Dream Meaning

A dream about moth, have a different meaning. In general, this refers to relationships with loved ones and colleagues. However, the value may vary, depending on the circumstances of dream.

If the moths fly in your dream over your head, this foreshadows peace and harmony in the home. It is effortless for you to find a common language with the other half. Also, you can always get help from him/her whenever you need it.

The dream, in which the moth sat directly on your hand, speaks of the imminent meeting with the new man. It will change the course of your life and give you new opportunities.

Many moths, seeking to get away from you, promise quarrels and reproaches in dealing with the second half. This period will not last long and will soon be forgotten.

Moth of black color, which flies before your eyes, will bring valuable news or a great mystery. This will directly affect your life if the butterfly has bitten your hand. And bring a lot of fuss and worry.

If you have killed a moth in a dream, in life expect useless turmoil. Do not worry about each occasion. It is better to see an everything a joke of life and calm down.

The dream in which the moth flew away from you, and to kill it did not work, presages success in business. Circumstances cannot be prevented, and everything is resolved in the best way.

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To see a sick moth in a dream means a collapse of hopes and plans. Circumstances do not allow you to achieve what you want but do not despair. You need to put it off for a while and then try again. The same is personified by a dream in which a moth flew to your house.

If in a dream you presented the caught moth as a gift, then you should expect to establish good relations with this person.

A colorful moth from a dream speaks of having fun with friends. If you are invited to rest, do not refuse. This time will be beneficial.

The dream where moths sit down on the clean surface will bring trouble from gossips and envious people. Do not pay too much attention to them to keep your balance.

If you dreamed of a moth getting out of a cocoon, then, in reality, it promises future changes. Most likely, you have already made an important decision, thanks to which they will come.

The dream in which you see a moth in the corner of the room, says that in life there is a useless person. He only uses your kindness and reliability. Take a closer look, perhaps it’s worth stopping such a relationship to free up your time and budget.

To see a moth fly to light or fire means an unjustified risk of your actions. In case of failure, all responsibility will lie on your shoulders, and there will be no help from anywhere.

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