Mother Dream Meaning

In general, a dream in which you see a mother has a positive meaning. Such dreams foreshadow good luck and prosperity. However, for proper interpretation, you need to remember the details of your dream.

The dream in which you talk with your mother portends a good life. You will be lucky in all matters and material prosperity.

If you lost your mother in a dream, then in real life her health is threatened with illness. You need to carefully monitor her health and take timely action.

To see your mother, who is sick, predicts an unsuccessful marriage for the girl. If you are going to get married, it is worthwhile once again to think everything over and, perhaps, to abandon this venture. For a man, this promises a failure in business matters. Do not sign any documents and start a new business.

If in a dream you saw how your mother died, it will bring trouble in family life and work. This dream personifies the end of the life period. So you can expect a final break in relations, both with your spouse and with your employer/partner.

Mom, who came to your house in a dream, will give good luck in business. If at the same time you talk to her, the results will be very soon.

If you dream how someone else’s mother came to your house, it portends sorrow in your life. Such a dream speaks of future despair and troubles.

A dream in which you hear how your mother calls you to yourself personifies life’s errors. You have chosen the wrong path in work and personal happiness, so you were alone and helpless.

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If you hear your mother crying, you are in danger of danger or illness. Also, this dream promises big quarrels and discord of all life. This caution gives you the opportunity to fix everything until it’s too late.

Quarrel in a dream with your mother is a sign of difficulties in life. Do not blame yourself for them: it only aggravates the case. In fact, you will remain injured in this situation, like everyone else.

A dream where your mother sings to you a lullaby, says that you spend too little time with your family. If you do not correct the situation now, then soon relations with relatives will become cold and tense.

If you saw in a dream a mother alive who has died long ago, this is a warning about future troubles and difficulties. It is necessary to pay particular attention to the events taking place and to adapt to them in time.

To see your father and mother dressed in rags of black color predicts a feeling of insecurity and disappointment in life. If the parents are healthy and smiling, it is a sign that your business will go well, and fate will smile at you. When they are sick in a dream, the reality of luck is not worth waiting for. It will pass by without noticing you or your affairs.

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