The meaning of a make-up dream may be different. Often such a dream speaks about something hidden from sight. And, generally, it refers to your personal life. But there are other interpretations that are described below.

Buying expensive make-up in a dream means your desire to improve your lifestyle. Most likely, you want to achieve a higher social status and envy in the eyes of others. Also, this dream can bring into your life a connection with a wealthy man of the opposite sex.

To buy natural make-up in a dream predicts reception of pleasant trifles as a gift in reality.

Applying make-up in a dream is a subconscious desire to hide from people your true intentions and your uncertainty. Most often, it is a reflection of the inner complexes that you want to protect, even from yourself.

Doing make-up to another person or watching the process is unpleasant news. It says that in your environment there is a hypocritical person who betrays in an awkward moment.

A dream in which you wash off make-up from your face foretells troubles due to your lies and hypocrisy. When this falsehood is revealed, you will lose much more than you received with it.

If you have seen a lot of make-up around you in a dream, then you need to take good care of your health. Perhaps soon it will be shaken.

Doing light make-up in your dream promises a not very pleasant event. It will force you to rethink your behavior and feelings. After that, their manifestation will become more cool and restrained.

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Cosmetics that smell nice and evoke happy feelings will bring you a conversation with the right person. If the smell of cosmetics in a dream is disgusting to you, it heralds difficult life conversations with bosses or relatives. Also, this dream can mean bad news that you will soon get.

To visit a cosmetologist in a dream, in reality, means wasted soul and physical strength. You will not be able to win the favor of the person you like. It is better to retreat and focus on something else. Dream, where you turned into a cosmetologist, predicts a sudden turn in life. We must be prepared for all the surprises: pleasant and not very good.

Lipstick in a dream, in reality, promises a romantic date or a business meeting with the opposite sex. To see the same ink or make-up eyelashes personifies your new view of the situation or life in general.

If you impose rouge, you are waiting for the stunning news. A dream, where you can not find your rouge, predicts getting into an inappropriate situation that will embarrass you. Try to smile and feel at ease with the created case.

A dream in which you agreed to make a cosmetic operation on your face can transmit the duplicity of your nature, and the desire will be adjusted to the surrounding people. Perhaps you need to reconsider the views on life and learn to love yourself, no matter what. Another such dream can personify your desire to stop the time. Perhaps now you are experiencing moments of happiness and want to detain them for a long time.

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