Map seen in a dream is nearly always a positive meaning. Often it points to significant change on a personal and spiritual level in the dreamer. It can also be a warning about changes in your professional life.

Merely seeing a map in your dream means that you will have very notable changes in your life soon. You might be somewhat disappointed however as you will not run them entirely by yourself. As destiny will have a significant influence on them also. At times you would feel as if you are strapped in for the ride. And you might even feel somewhat helpless. Nevertheless, the sum of all of the changes will be quite positive.

If in the dream you are looking for a map of something than it means that in real life you will seek help. Maybe, you will look for advice from another person also. You will be given the requested information. However it the end it might not seem to have been that useful to you.

If you dream that someone gives you a map in your dream, it means that you will need to be more careful. It belongs in the way you make your choices in regards to the long-term validity of them. Some of your options might seem to have been very lucrative in the short term. But on longer times, they might not be so beneficial.

A dream in which you will draw a map points that some leadership will be soon required from you in professional life. Sometimes this dream can point to the dreamer being assigned to an enormous project. And it will bring notable promotion and general advancement of the career.

Reading a map in your dream and trying to figure out where you are from it means that you will not be able to continue with sustained efforts in your professional life. You will feel the need for rest and take it easy in a sense.

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