Marriage in the dreams signifies that you are going through a critical phase of your life. To dream of a marriage signifies commitment, harmony and transition. It can be a turn for the better, or for the worse, depending on your own strength and will-power. Below are some of the common marriage dreams that you may encounter.

If you dream of a marriage proposal it means that some situation in your personal life will turn to better in a rather sudden and surprising manner. This dream can also point to a real-life desire of being married if you are single.

If you have a dream about getting married to a stranger, this means that you are on the same frequency in a sense with many of your friends. This dream signifies that you have a good company of friends that can understand your worries and issues.

To dream about getting married to a person that you know indicates that they will become closer to you but not necessarily in a romantic manner.

If you dream that you are getting married to your ex, represents that you have learned a lot from the past relationship and you are not likely to make the same mistakes again. Sometimes this dream can indicate, that you are concerned about your current relationship becoming like the failed one.

If you dream about accepting a marriage proposal from your ex and completely forgot about your current love, this signifies that you are not happy with your current relationship.

Sometimes a dream of getting married can indicate that you are at the crossroad in your life. In other words, you are quite aware that you need to make some tough choices and that you would not be able to make everyone happy. Instead, it is a matter of carefully balancing your current and your future actions.

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If you dream about arranging a marriage for another person, it means that you will be asked for help in real life. The support proposed will be of material nature but you would hesitate whether to give it or not. Be careful of scams and false promises made by the other party.

If you are a girl, and you dream how you agree to become a wife of a loved one, heralds the delay of the wedding in reality. For some reason, this extraordinary event will be postponed. If in reality, you are free from relationships, such a dream predicts a new acquaintance. At your request, it can develop into an amorous relationship.

A dream in which a man proposed and puts an engagement ring on a girl’s finger promises to find a reliable husband in real life. This dream foretells, that the couple will live happily for many years.

If you dream about getting married to yourself, then little joys and pleasant surprises would await you. If you are a man, and you dream about the wedding of your girlfriend, it is a sign of problems and difficulties in the future.
Dreaming about the marriage of a sister may indicate a break from cares and active pastime.
Dreaming about the wedding of your daughter foretells about the future difficulties in your relationship. Try to put yourself in the place of your partner, before starting arguing with him.
If you have a dream, that your son is getting married to an unpleasant lady, then in real life, your family life will be filled with peace and grace.

wedding dream meaning

When in reality you are married, but you dream about preparing for a wedding, you can expect a discord in family life. Your discontent with your spouse manifested openly, this may play a negative role and lead to big scandals. You will not be able to slow down the problem, stay patient and wait for the issues to pass.

If in a dream, you see yourself trying on a wedding dress, matching earrings and necklace, then this is a sign that in real life you are struggling to get attention to your personality. You feel stuck inside yourself and finding it hard to express yourself. Try to relax and act naturally, do not be aftraid, the world is not going to harm you.

If you dream how you refuse marriage proposal, this dream foreshadows that you may commit ill-considered acts and regret them in the future. Do not make decisions on the go.
For a man, marriage in a dream predicts a change for the better. All difficulties will soon be resolved easily, and you can breathe peacefully.

A dream about the wedding, which takes place secretly from everyone, tells of the excessive temper and inclinations to adventurism. Rushing from one extreme to another, you can inflict severe financial damage on your destiny. The same interpretation of your dream, if you are dreaming of getting married to an unknown person.
Dreaming of a secret wedding means that you have to spend your entire life in the dark about the affairs of your partner. Your partner affairs will be covered in darkness, and your desire to find out the truth will turn into quarrels.
If you dream about seeing yourself as a groom, promises to be at the center of events, which will lead to drastic changes. In what direction you will push life, it is not known, but it will be hard to resist.

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If you are a young man and you dream about getting married to a gypsy woman, this indicates that you may experience some financial difficulties in the future. Marrying a gypsy is a symbol of the windy and carelessness of your chosen one. You should think if you are ready to put up with such shortcomings.

If you dream about becoming the groom of a rich bride, you would have to feel guilty for your behavior. Your actions will turn out the most unpleasant way and will make bitterly repent of the deed.

If you are dreaming about bad marriage proposal, this generally reflects bad treatments from your loved one in real life. The negative feelings can translate into bad marriage proposals in your dream.
If you dream about the bad proposal from the stranger, this means that you have not found yourself yet and you are struggling to find your own way in life.

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