In general, mirror dream meaning prominently has always been considered to be a powerful omen. The actual meaning of the mirror dream, however, is variable and it depends strongly on the circumstances in it.

Merely seeing a mirror in your dream signifies that you will soon have a notable change in your life that will affect both the personal and professional spheres of your life. If this dream is of a recurring nature, it can signify that you will have very significant and fundamental changes in your life in a short period.

Seeing a mirror that is old, tarnished or cracked means that you shortly will try to change your appearance. Sometimes, this dream can point to the dreamer, that you will not be happy with the present physical appearance.

If in the dream with a mirror you look into a mirror the meaning depends on what you see in the mirror.

mirror dream meaning

If you look at your reflection in the mirror, then it foretells that someone may insult you in the nearest future.
Seeing another person that you know in the mirror means that the person behaves unfairly towards you. If in the mirror you see strangers, it means that soon you will meet an interesting person that will have similar inclinations to yours.
Seeing fire and flames in the mirror points to unsatisfied desires in your life.

According to other interpretations seeing one of your friends in a mirror can mean that they are not completely honest with you. They might be insincere and quite hypocritical in their attitudes.

If you have a dream, how you look in the mirror and see yourself in the wedding dress, this dream signifies that you feel loved and you feel happy. You enjoy the moments in life and the world is facing you with all the positive sides.

If in the dream you look in a mirror, and you don’t see any reflection, it means that you have inner peace within you. If this is a recurring dream, then it predicts that you are in the middle of the profound spiritual journey.

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